Arab-chinese Relations 1950 - 1971 الكتاب الاليكتروني

Arab-chinese Relations 1950 - 1971 -  MONIM NASSER EDDINE pdf epub



لغة: عرب
التاريخ: 1-1-1981
ISBN: 3007108000007
حجم الملف: 5,78


This thorough and objective account of egyptian-chinese realtions will be welcome by all students of international affairs Dr. Nasser-eddine traces chinese-arabe contacts, which began in prechristian times, up to the death of president Nasser. He presents original views and interpretations in an attempt to cerrect widely held but mistaken ideas-particulary with regard to egypt.The study focuses on the factors which have led to both amity and animosity between the two republics. Both states desired to achieve positions of leadership in the afro-asian world in the post-imperialist era. The author examines the various aspects of their relationships in the light of the major events of the fifties and sixties: the nationalization of the suez canal and the subsequent anglo-french-israeli invasion of egypt, neutralism and nonalignment, the sino-soviet split and the june war. In so doing he sets forth a case study of china's relations with a third world state clearly showing the interplay of ideology and national interests. He further attempts to defrine the extent of chinese ingluence in the arab world.In examining egyptuian-chinese relations, the author has used all chinese egyptian and western sources available in arabic or english.Dr. Nasser-eddine received his ph.D.from the University of virginia in 1969.

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