For the last several years, Lubbock area churches have joined hands on behalf of the fatherless through several initiatives. We welcome all churches to participate in these projects.

2018 City-Wide Foster Parent Nights Out

February 16 | May 4 | September 7*

WHY: Babysitting is difficult to secure for foster families due to licensing regulations. We want to support foster parents in their work and promote healthy foster families.

WHAT: This event takes place at multiple churches on a single Friday. Registration is coordinated through a single online form. Find an overview of the evening and guidelines for hosting HERE.

WHO: Local children in foster care, ages 0-17. The invitation is sent to the Lubbock-area foster community.

HOW: Churches and community entities like preschools are not under the same licensing regulations as babysitters in private homes. State licensing simply requires you to abide by the safety regulations you’ve set in place for your own church. For many, this is a simple background check. To participate, we require (1) your volunteers to be background checked, as well as (2) be able to offer age-appropriate play areas for the children who register.

If your church is interested in participating, please contact us to come observe at one of our monthly Foster Parent Nights Out!

*Other dates available for our smaller monthly FPNOs.

The CarePortal

The CarePortal is an online church engagement tool that connects the State (Child Welfare Workers) to the local church. When a Child Welfare worker identifies a need they go online to CarePortal and submit a request for help. The Church is informed of the need and given the opportunity to answer the call. The commitment is simply to receive an email alongside other churches in Lubbock, and see what God leads you to do. Visit to register.

Agency Appreciation

Local foster-adoptive agencies are the backbone of our effort. These compassionate men and women show tremendous strength and resolve in an often harsh and thankless job. But a little encouragement goes a long way! One Heart hosts Appreciation Banquets, prays for our local childwelfare workers by name throughout the year, and partners with agencies to bless and encourage them.

In 2017-18, each of our partner churches is hosting or co-hosting a month of blessing our 200+ CPS workers in Lubbock. This can look as simple as bringing homemade cookies or as surprising as a lunch cookout in their parking lot.

If you want to bless our private agencies (drop by treats, encouraging notes, or provide lunch), you can find our 9 Lubbock-area agencies listed here or contact us to get in on the love! Agencies outside of CPS will have anywhere from 2 to 30 employees.

Prayer & Fasting

Join us each 3rd Thursday of the month for prayer and fasting over our city, region, and state’s children, workers, and families that make up the foster care system. Prayer guide coming soon.

Babysitting Training

When foster parents want relief, they are required to get an agency-approved caregiver. In order to carved an easy path for friends, family, and fans of foster families to provide relief for foster families, One Heart in cooperation with our local agencies offers streamlined babysitting trainings quarterly.

Whether you know a foster family or just want to be added to an agency’s list of approved babysitters, this is an easy opportunity with great impact. The training is free, CPR/First Aid certification (included) is $40, FBI Fingerprinting is $41.50, and TB testing is $10.

2018 training dates: February 10 @ Trinity Church / others TBD.

Contact us to register.

If you have any questions, contact us.
We are happy to help.